What the heck is a “Zenstead”?!

I’m so glad you asked!

Several years ago, we set out in search of a new way of life. We didn’t know what to call it!  All we knew was that it made us more fulfilled than we’d ever felt before! “Homestead” wasn’t exactly the perfect word to fit what we were creating. So instead, we called it a “Zenstead”.

Project Zenstead is about our journey to live in balance with nature as we learn to juggle our passions and lifestyle in a way that supports more than just us.  It’s a little bit of homesteading, yogic zen, permaculture, minimalism, and sustainability all mixed together. Most importantly, it’s about living beyond ordinary. The goal of the project is to grow food, live simply, and to cultivate happiness.  

Wanna join us?


I’m Kaylee – your main girl here on the blog. I guess you could say that I’m not your typical millennial or homesteader.  You see, at the ripe old age of 25, I had enough of living the conventional American lifestyle: work, pay bills, buy things, work, pay for things, repeat.

I knew there just had to be something more – a way to live with passion and excitement for life.

We started seeking out ways to live better: we ate real food, we did yoga, we meditated, we paid debts off, we rode bikes instead of driving, we reduced the clutter in our lives, and we accentuated the things that mattered most to us. And we slowly found ourselves awakening to the possibility of what life could be.

The primary thing we realized during this process is that we had a great desire to get back to the earth. We went all in and a funny thing happened: we started to see how absolutely everything is connected to nature. Suddenly, it wasn’t just about planting a garden to have homegrown food to support better health. It was about planting a garden to supply us with food and also to support the bees in our neighborhood. The bees, in turn, help us and our community produce healthier gardens. Backyard chickens and ducks did more than give us eggs. They provided natural fertilizer to grow healthier plants that would in turn become a food source for both us and them. Weeds became medicinal herbs. Pesky bugs became protein sources for our poultry. Puddles in the driveway became opportunities to harness the rain and use it to water our gardens. You see, there’s this wonderful thing about nature: nothing is wasted. Everything has a purpose and it’s a puzzle putting all the pieces together in order to nurture and utilize that incredible balance.

We aren’t  traditional homesteaders. Not even close. We are part of the new millennium of homesteaders, re-wilders, urban farmers and holistic hippies who are changing the way our culture views our relationship with nature. We don’t always succeed at living this way, but we are learning and trying.

No farm? No problem!

The best part of living this way is that it’s for everyone! We do it all on less than an acre! And you can too! You can start today – no electric car, green thumb or milk goat required! Anyone can learn to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle!

I’m not an expert, but I am passionate about learning and growing and helping others do the same. I share openly and honestly about our crazy suburban homesteading lifestyle – the good, the bad and even the things covered in chicken poop!

Some of the things you will learn here include:

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