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Privacy Disclosure:
I like privacy. And I’m sure that you do too. That’s why I don’t share any personal information or email addresses with 3rd parties. Oh, and I also hate spam. So, if you receive an email or other communication from me, it’s because I have something to share that I think you will find useful. Ain’t nobody got time for spam!

Terms & Conditions
The Legal Stuff:
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Sharing is Caring:
Hey, I love sharing as much as you do! Posts and images from this site may be shared, according to the following conditions:
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Affiliate Disclosure:
We all use products that we love and can’t wait to tell our friends about! I may recommend products from time to time. If a person choses to purchase items from the affiliate organization/business, I may receive a referral commission (either monetary or in the form of products) for the sale. There is no extra cost for the person who makes the purchase. I only refer products that I personally believe in and would recommend to my friends and family in real life. Each affiliate organization/business is independent of this website. Views and opinions of the affiliate organization/business are not those of this website. Project Zenstead is a participant of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

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